About The Foundation

Calvin Ayre Being dog piled Founded by Calvin Ayre, the private and independent foundation is administered from London with a charter to do charitable work worldwide.

Through the Calvin Ayre Foundation, Mr. Ayre envisioned a philanthropic organization that would focus on promoting greater equity in five broad areas: Environment, Education, Social Development, Child Welfare and Animal Welfare.

Most recently, the Calvin Ayre Foundation has sponsored underprivileged young adults, offering them an opportunity to attend world-class universities in countries such as Canada and the Philippines. While ensuring that these students are afforded the best possible academic opportunities, the Calvin Ayre Foundation aims to ease the financial burden felt by their families back at home.

As the availability and quality of schools directly impacts the well-being of students, the Calvin Ayre Foundation has actively supported the development of knowledge through funding and support of local Costa Rican learning institutes and athletic facilities.

Going hand in hand with the welfare of the students is the care of their environment. The Calvin Ayre Foundation is deeply devoted to environmental issues and has been committed to supporting local and international environmental groups and organizations.